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osvauld: Secure, Shareable Credential Management


osvauld is designed from the ground up to facilitate secure credential sharing within organizations.

The Problem

Credentials are often shared insecurely, leading to:

  • Security risks: Exposure of sensitive data to unauthorized parties.
  • Management difficulties: Lack of centralized control and visibility over credential usage.
  • Inefficient key rotation: Cumbersome and time-consuming to update credentials.

What osvauld Offers

  • Fine-grained access control: Precise control over who can view and modify specific credentials.
  • Comprehensive access visibility: Robust audit logging to track all credential activity.
  • Easy key rotation: Streamlined processes for updating credentials.
  • Self Hosted: osvauld can be self-hosted, ensuring maximum control over data.

Key Principles

  • Zero-knowledge architecture: osvauld never has access to unencrypted credentials, ensuring maximum privacy and security.
  • OpenPGP standard: Adherence to well-established encryption protocols (
  • Client-side decryption: Credentials are decrypted only within the user’s device.

Technical Stack

  • Frontend: Svelte (extension)
  • Backend: Go
  • Cryptography: Rust (crypto primitives, WebAssembly)
  • Integration testing: Python
  • Website: Astro
  • Documentation: Starlight